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Pricing plans for all store sizes

Hire a professional Shopify assistant to get more done.

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$495/ month
Perfect for small Shopify stores needing basic daily help.


$795/ month
Great for growing Shopify stores that need more daily support.
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What you get

Professional services to help manage and grow your Shopify store.

  • Skilled helpers

    Our helpers are trained and experienced in managing Shopify stores, giving you expert support and reliable service.

  • Team expertise

    Get the benefit of our whole team's knowledge, covering all parts of Shopify store management.

  • Continuous learning

    We keep our helpers updated with the latest Shopify features and ecommerce trends.

  • Extra services

    Access our Shopify development services at good prices for extra store support.

  • Cost savings

    Save money compared to hiring full-time staff. Our plans give you expert help without high costs.

  • Flexible support

    Easily adjust your support level to match your business needs, from part-time to full-time help.

Frequently asked questions

Get more done, save time, and improve your store with our Shopify assistants.

Is there a minimum commitment period for hiring a Shopify assistant?

No, you can use our services month-to-month with no minimum commitment. Adjust your support as needed.

How do you match an assistant to my store?

We match assistants based on your needs and their skills. We assess your store and pair you with the best fit during onboarding.

What if I'm not happy with my assistant's work?

Contact us if you're not satisfied. We'll address any issues quickly and can reassign tasks to another assistant if needed.

Can I increase the support as my business grows?

Yes, you can start with a few hours and increase support as your store grows.

Can assistants help during busy times?

Yes, our services are flexible. Scale up support during peak periods to keep your store running smoothly.

How do you protect my store's data?

We take security seriously. Our assistants sign confidentiality agreements and use secure methods to access your store.

Can I choose specific tasks for the assistant?

Yes, you can specify which tasks you want our assistants to handle. Our services are flexible to meet your needs.

How do you ensure quality service?

We ensure service quality through rigorous training, regular performance reviews, and continuous feedback mechanisms. Our assistants are trained to adhere to industry best practices and align with your specific operational standards.

What qualifications do your Shopify assistants have?

Our assistants are experts in Shopify with skills in inventory management, store setup, customization, and more.

How do you handle communication between assistants and store owners?

We set up clear communication channels using your preferred methods, such as emails, messaging apps, or project management tools. Regular updates keep you informed about your store.

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